Friday, December 30, 2011

Free Webhosting Deluxe Host

DeluXe Host offers

- 100MB webspace
- a hell of a lot of bandwidth
- PHP 5.3 & MySQL 5.1
- FTP access
- mail() enabled
- GD & zlib
- no posting required, simple signup
- short domain:
- No ads on your pages

DeluXe Host the best place to host your personal, school, or business website. DeluXe Host feature an easy to use interface that's convenient for first-time Webmasters, yet sophisticated for advanced Webmasters.

Terms of Service

- Inactive sites will be deleted with less than 1 hit/week
- No adult content allowed
- massive hotlinking is not allowed
- Pure downloadsites are prohibited
- No proxy scripts are allowed
- You're allowed to have downloads on your website, but the website must have real content
- DeluXe Host reserves the right to delete any page it deems unacceptable for any reason without prior notice.
- DeluXe Host makes no guarantee as to the availability of service.

Any pages that do not comply with the above guidelines will be removed.

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