Saturday, December 31, 2011

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MediaFire was founded in August 2006 by a group of website enthusiasts and entrepreneurs from the San Francisco Bay Area who were frustrated by the troublesome process of sharing large files over e-mail and FTP. They created MediaFire to provide the world with the simplest file hosting service for sharing files and images over the internet and launched the first version in October of 2006.

MediaFire is now one of the fastest growing sites on the web with greater than 100% yearly growth. MediaFire is still the only file sharing site to offer unlimited downloads, unlimited uploads, unlimited storage, download resuming, zero wait times, and more, all for free. With the constant addition of new features and our attention to user feedback, MediaFire remains the leader in online storage.

Features :

- It keeps your files secure
- Upload, download, and share as much as you want.
- Easily get to your files from any computer, tablet, or cell phone.
- Tons of powerful features with our free accounts.
- Only you have access to your files.
- Simple to share your files

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