Saturday, December 31, 2011

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Founded in 2007, has established itself as a leader in the free forum hosting industry, providing a dependable forum hosting solution to millions of users around the world. custom admin panel gives you access to hundreds of settings and features, allowing you to customize your free forum for your needs. is one of the only free forum hosts to operate solely off proprietary software. manage entire server network and all of equipment used by free forum system. Since the beginning, has offered unparalleled service and support for free forums.'s custom admin panel provides forum administrators with all the tools needed to build and launch a successful forum. offer two versions of the admin panel, one for basic admins and one for advanced admins. The simple version provides all the necessary options to manage a forum, displayed in an easy to understand user interface. The advanced version of our free forum admin panel gives advanced admins access to all the default phpBB3 options.

Features :

- Customize your free forum to fit your needs with 170+ styles & 60+ languages.
- 99.9% Uptime
- High Security
- Backups of your forum to ensure your data is always safe.
- Optimized Servers
- No-Ads Special

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